Based on more than fifteen years of individual experience as free lancers with the majority of the Romanian production companies, we want to offer you our services vision, a version we believe improved, which has the advantages of both, big and small companies. That would mean direct contact between your representatives and our decisional factors, with full personal involvement and dedication for each particular project, true knowledge of the Romanian market of services and equipment, that will insure you the best rates along with a real flexibility on the package composition, an expert collaboration, aware of the particularities of each system (American, British, French, German) made by a young team, able to adapt to the particularities of each project, each client's desires in part, full transparency in all project stages, from the first estimate, through detailed budget, up to the comprehensive wrap folder. As the accounting is broken down by the same categories as the estimate, we can guarantee a complete picture of all spending during the production.

   We want and we can provide a professional experience working in a country whose production possibilities have not yet been fully exploited. Your project becomes our project!